CyberSecure Your Business

"60% of small firms that experience a cyber breach go out of business within the following six months."

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman 

"Investing in your online security will almost certainly save you money in the long run - even if you suffer a cyber incident, the cost and time of any recovery is likely to be less if you have good measures in place."

Australian Government


Computer Monitor

TERCIO specialises in helping Australian Small Businesses and Startups protect themselves from Cyber Criminals and Hackers.

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CyberSecure Your Business

Our Cybersecurity Framework provides a set of activities to achieve the following 5 core cybersecurity outcomes:


Identify and manage cybersecurity risks to your firm's systems, assets, data and capabilities.


Implement appropriate safeguards to protect critical business assets.

Implement appropriate activities to detect cybersecurity incidents.


Plan for, and respond appropriately to, detected cybersecurity incidents.

Recover capabilities or critical business assets impaired by a cybersecurity incident.


As a small business or startup you need the most effective protection for every dollar spent on cybersecurity. Our Cybersecurity Health Check is an affordable first step in your journey to cybersecurity.

Australian Signals Directorate ESSENTIAL 8

Our assessment adapts the Australian Signals Directorate's ESSENTIAL 8 cybersecurity controls to counter the threats faced by small businesses and startups. Your business will be assessed against these key cybersecurity controls.

An Actionable Plan for Your Business

Based on the results of our assessment you will receive a report detailing where your business stands in terms of cybersecurity readiness. It will include actionable steps to improve your cybersecurity as your business grows.


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Cybersecurity Health Check


Our Services

  • Cybersecurity Health Checks

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Australian Signals Directorate Essential 8 Assessments

  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy Development

  • ISO 27001 ISMS Implementation & Compliance

  • ISO 27001 ISMS Audit & Certification

  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Cloud Security

  • Wireless Security Assessments

  • Data Breach Preparation & Response Planning

  • Business Continuity Planning

We tailor our services to best suit your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss.


Your Trusted Security Partner


TERCIO is an Australian owned and operated cybersecurity consultancy based out of its headquarters in Sydney. TERCIO prides itself as a trusted cybersecurity partner for Australian small business and startups, providing expertise to protect your business from the threats posed by cyber criminals and hackers. TERCIO helps small business and startup operators make prudent decisions to apply just the right amount of security to protect their critical business assets while meeting compliance requirements and achieving business goals.

Why Choose TERCIO?

  • We are driven by business outcomes, bridging the gap between the technology and business worlds to ensure the right level of security is applied to your critical business assets.

  • We're in this for the long run and believe in partnering with our clients to build long-term relationships based on trust, integrity and value for money.

  • We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, flexibility and service.

  • We're vendor and technology agnostic. Our independence ensures we provide the best advice to secure your business against cyber threats.

  • We work within your budget to provide you with the right security solution to meet your needs.


Certifications & Memberships


Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP)


Member of the SANS Institute


ISO 27001 Lead Implementers & Auditors


Member of the Australian Information Security Association


Australian Government STAYSMARTONLINE Partner


International Register of Certificated Auditors ISMS 2013 Provisional Auditors


Member of (ISC)2


Members of the Cloud Security Alliance


Member of the Factor Analysis Information Risk (FAIR) Institute


Proud Supporter and Member of FinTech Australia

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